HPE ESXi 6.5 ISCSI device shows as normal degraded

Dear Experts,

I have two HPE DL380G9 servers, with the following drive configurations (identical on both servers):

9 SAS drives in Raid 5 with 2 Logical disks
another 9 SAS drives in Raid 5 with a single Logical disk
and another 3 SSD disks as raid 5

Both servers have 10GB NICs that are connected to a 10GB switch.
Both servers have ESXi 6.5 HPE optimized installed on them and have VSA installed on each one with a Fail Over Manager.
However, When I try to add the volume I configured on the VSA cluster, it appears as normal, degraded.

Some googling pointed out that It could be an issue with single pathing - I reconfigured the network to have 2 port groups on the 10GB vSwitch to enable multipathing for the ESXi and yet, even after rescanning, I still get normal, degraded.

Any ideas?
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAsked:
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Ajay ChananaMCSE-2003/08|RHCSA| VCP5/6 |vExpert2018Commented:
I see you have already done the best, but still any chance if you check the paths , do you see any path down?
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAuthor Commented:
Hi Ajay,

thanks for your comment.

unfortunately, that's a no go, both paths are up on each ESXi, the addresses are pingable from the VSA machines.
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAuthor Commented:
It appears if you want something done, do it yourself - Ajay's comment made me think of checkiong the VMK NIcs and ports, and it appears as though my colleagues can't follow simple instructions - the assigned a single nic to each VMK, the same one for both.
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