Do i need 'Client Connector' to join windows 10 PCs to SBS 2012 R2?


I've had quite a bit of experience with 2008 R2, and joining clients to the domain is a snap, but I have to build a 2012 R2 server, with Windows 10 Clients... and I've been reading a lot about this "Client Connector" which sounds like a nightmare.  So, my question is...

Do I even need it.. or can I join the clients as previously done so... what are the pros and cons of Client Connector ?!
DamianIT incAsked:
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You don't need Client connector to connect workstation and join them to Domain.
Client Connector is designed only to Join to domain if you have WIndows 2012 Essentials server

Windows 10 PCs will be able to access the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard, Launchpad and benefit from client backup to the server

If you don;t need this features on clients workstation then you don;t have to install it.
Just go to computer properties, click on change settings and Click on Change button.

Procedure is same like was before for Windows 2008 Server.
DamianIT incAuthor Commented:
So without the CC, do any of those features exist (Launchpad, moreso the client backup sounds handy) on a Win 10 client joining the 2012 R2 Active Directory ?!

I've read many horror stories about this Client Connector installation, having to unjoin/rejoin or breaking the trust etc.. so, I'm keen to understand what it is that motivates so many to even bother with it at all.

FYI, I have 2012 R2 Standard
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Without CC, NO.
If you want to have clients workstation backup on the server then you must have CC
But if this is only reason and we all know issues with CC, then maybe it's better to do some workstation FULL backup one a while and incremental backup once a week using for example AOMEI BACKUPER and set their Desktops and My Documents folders be redirected to server.

In case of disaster you can recover backup or if there is no much personal software on workstation, just replace workstation and login to network. All user documents and desktop will be synchronized back from Redirected Policy
DamianIT incAuthor Commented:
Thanks TC
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You are very welcome.
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