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Outlook 2010 not searching as well after Windows 10 update

After the Windows 10 "creators update" (I think it is called) yesterday, Office 2010 showed that it was reconfiguring the first time I ran Outlook.  I don't remember the exact words, but it was almost as if it was being reinstalled.   It is a local installation on this one PC.  Now I have three problems that I never had in the past:

1) Prior to yesterday I could go to the search box and as I would key in my search words, it would immediately start showing emails that matched the letters that I had keyed in so far.  For example, if wanted to find sent messages that include "Peter invoice wingate" it would show all that included "Peter" as I typed in that word, then as I typed in the word "invoice" it would show less, etc.  But now it shows nothing until I click on the search icon to the right.

2) It seems to be searching more rather slowly once I click the search icon, although I don't have much to compare it to since in the past it started searching and displaying immediately.

3) Now I see that it is not including everything in the search that it used to.  For example, I have sent several emails to Peter with Word documents attached that included invoices for wingate, but now they are not appearing in the search, as though maybe Outlook is no longer including the text of the attached Word documents in the search.

I just want Outlook 2010 to work like it did before Microsoft forced this update.  Any suggestions?  TIA
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