How to share the Printer settings to share all users?

In Windows 10, I log in as a domain user and installing the printer and configure the printer settings. Driver installed on each machine not shared with other machines. Same settings need to be applied to all the user's login in that machines.
 How do I share the printer settings with all the users?
Varshini SAsked:
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I believe the short answer is "it depends" (on the printer driver and its interface with Windows).
Some printer settings are user-specific while others are more universal.
For example, I believe it's a *user* setting to make a printer the default or to let Windows determine which printer to use for what...
This suggests perhaps a script that would run for each user to make the settings.

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You have to install the printer on the server because the server is running 24/7. If you share the printer through the desktop, then you have to leave that PC always running when someone would like to print.
When you go to the printer Properties, you will find tab Sharing. You can share the printer only with local administrator permissions. Select share this printer and List in the directory. Go to additional drivers and add 64 or 32-bit driver (opposite of your PC).

From other desktop go to Devices and Printers, Add printer, Network printer and search for printers, Search for the printer if it's not listed.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
We have none (certainly very, very few) "universal" printers. Printer settings are controlled by the user and by the application in some cases. Some applications would not work if the settings were controlled elsewhere.

Best to leave printers as user-controlled.
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TO the above since it is a Domain based system, you can use a GPO in conjunction with GPP settings to control/apply uniform settings to the users.

The most uniform is to as was suggested by Nick, configure a server as a print server that will manage the print jobs being sent to the printer.
Then using GPO/GPP push the printer to the users and set the settings..

your comment lacks detail as to what settings you wish to uniformly apply to all users. The issue is further complicated since your installation of the printer occurs as a standard domain user at which point as Fred and John pointed out, the installed printer effectively became a per user configuration.
Varshini SAuthor Commented:
i would like to set default printer and page height & width  settings.
default printer can be controlled through GPP i.e. push the printer to the computer in the event the drivers need to be installed. Then use GPO to push printer to user, and use GPP to set the printer as default.

The document/application is where the page height and width are set. The printer (depending) gets the information on which paper is available to it based on the trays.....

i.e. text editors, spreadsheet application is where the user will have to define the print area or the document size along with margins........
GPP for the default printer is useful in the environment if you have only one printer and users frequently are changing or sharing all desktops. If you would like to maintain the printer from a central location then install the printer on the server or one of the desktops and share it. Configure the printer settings as you wish and then you can decide ether user to instal it manually or you can force it as default printer through GP.
To set defaults, people often go to Printer Properties > Printing Preferences on the server. That does not make them the default. Instead, go to Printer Properties and click the Advanced tab. Then click the Printing Defaults button. The window will look the same as Printing Preferences. Set your defaults there and click OK. Now click the General tab, the Preferences button, and make sure your defaults show there.

You do need to remember that some applications, like Word, store paper settings in the document. If you have an old document and open it, the paper settings that it was created with will still apply. If you want to change it, you need to go to Page Setup. If you change the size, Word will re-paginate the document. Other applications e.g. Acrobat will not do that. Instead Acrobat lets you decide how to scale the document to the new paper size. It's up to the application to decide how to match document and paper size.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I would like to set default printer and page height & width  settings.  

On modern printers, that is normally controlled by application. One application may use Legal and another may use Letter. Setting this outside of the application can lead to issues.
Varshini SAuthor Commented:
John Hurst: In this scenario i don't have an  application to control the printer settings. Each user needs to go to printer properties and set all these settings.  i gave only two settings but they need to change some other settings too.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Yes users need to control their own printer settings. That is completely normal
You have already been advised to share this printer at the server. That would mean, all users have the same settings without making any effort apart from deploying the printer.
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