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Merry xmas all. A question about transferring Minecraft for Windows 10 between computers

Hi a.

So my kid has a new xmas present, a surface. I have put Minecraft for Windows 10 on but here's my question. How can i get all the worlds from the old laptop over to the new one?

Thank you.
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Here is a nice concise Minecraft article to transfer worlds just as you request.
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Hi John. I found that link but it appears to relate to the fat install, I.e. not the Minecraft for Windows 10. I did try it but the folder structure is different for the modern app version . Thank you for taking the time to respond.
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The Win10 version is a different beast, if you want the worlds you'll need to install the non-App store version.
I thought you had the regular (fat) Install
Before you move the worlds folders onto the new PC, install the same Java version on both desktops.
Hi. As in opening comment - minrcraft for windiws 10. So I have installed Minecraft for Windows 10 (java is packed in the game so no separate java is required). What folder (s) do I need to copy from the old machine, does anyone know?
Was the previous laptop also running "Minecraft for Windows 10" - you can't import from "Minecraft" to "Minecraft for Windows 10"
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