I think I can purge 40 GB from my disk

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I have two Photo Library files and need to purge them. That's because i have all the pictures I want on disk as a JPG or other format. These are duplicates.

When I plug in my phone or camera. it imports to the library. I export the ones I want. So they are duplicate!

How do I purge these files?

I worry about simply deleting them, unless this is the correct step.


45 GB
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your worry is that you may delete the wrong ones?

if you sync your phone to where you keep the photos, it might be that deleting them in one place will result in them being deleted in the other. or deleting them in one place merely postpones their reappearance the next time the sync runs...

So first, define what it is you are looking to do.
make sure you have a good backup of the data. Then ......
commonly, sync related are restricted/limited to certain location such that moving the items you no longer need synced, to a location outside the sync, ....

Commonly, a simple delete will free up the space unless and until another process as explained above brings them back...
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I also have thousands of pics on my iphone, yet I have downloaded the pics I want to my PC and have them saved as jpg

I have no worries about backups.

I just need to purge 45 GB and fast.

How do I do this?
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If I understand you have all the photos exported on your Desktop system.

If this is true + only if it's true, a trick you can use is to move your entire ~/Pictures directory to something like ~/Pictures.2017-12-25 + then restart your Photo App.

This will likely cause your Photo App to think it's the first time it's running (which it is), then it will create an empty local Pictures directory.

Then set your sync, so your Desktop -> Phone sync, overwrites your phone + this will delete all your phone photos too.

In the past, I've done this this with iPhotos + iTunes + iPhones.

Unsure how this might work if you're using different Apps + how this might effect an Android phone.
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