Edit multiple Config Files

I have multiple webconfig files that I need to edit.
Is there a smart way to do this with scripting?

I have a csv file with two columns (User and NewPw) and I need to edit this line which have different password and userName in each WebConfig file
<identity impersonate="true" password="kjsjhdsj-dfsf343-3432efd5-ijt548" userName="DOMAIN\User1" />

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Any good ideas on how to do this through Powershell? RegEx maybe?
Kasper KatzmannSeniorkonsulentAsked:
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Dorababu MSenior Software EngineerCommented:
May be you can write a module as follows and call that for each config file. The following I used to update the database instance with the required one. Try changing this as per your need

function ModifyConnectionString
    param (
        [String] $XmlaFile,
        [String] $SqlServerInstance = "(local)"

        ## Preserve caller preferences.  Used to allow -Verbose flag to carry throughout execution.
        Try { Get-CallerPreference -Cmdlet $PSCmdlet -SessionState $ExecutionContext.SessionState } Catch { <# Do Nothing #> }
        Write-Verbose "Begin function:  '$($MyInvocation.MyCommand)' ..."

        $ModifySettings = [xml](Get-Content $XmlaFile)
        $CubeName = $ModifySettings.Batch.Alter.Object.DatabaseID

        Write-Output "Modifying the connectionstring dynamically"

        #looping through all the child nodes that matches the node connectionstring and modifying the connectionstring

        $ModifySettings.Batch.Alter.ObjectDefinition.Database.DataSources.DataSource.ChildNodes | Where-Object Name -Match 'ConnectionString' | ForEach-Object {
            $DataBase = $_.'#text'.Split(";").Split("=")
            $DataBase = $DataBase[$DataBase.Length - 1]

            $ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLNCLI11.1;Data Source=$SqlServerInstance;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog =$Database"

            $_.'#text' = "$ConnectionString"


        Write-Output "Changed the connectionstring"

        Write-Output "`n Modifying the ImpersonationMode and Account to defaults"

        $ModifySettings.Batch.Alter.ObjectDefinition.Database.DataSources.DataSource.ImpersonationInfo.ImpersonationMode = "Default"

        if($ModifySettings.Batch.Alter.ObjectDefinition.Database.DataSources.DataSource.ImpersonationInfo.Account -ne $null)
		    $ModifySettings.Batch.Alter.ObjectDefinition.Database.DataSources.DataSource.ImpersonationInfo.Account = "Administrator"

        Write-Output "`n saving the modifications"
        Write-Output "`n saved the modifications"

        Write-Verbose "End function:  '$($MyInvocation.MyCommand)'"

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Dorababu MSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Try this by looping your web.config files, as said write a module and pass the file name and required parameters to update the file

$appConfig = [xml](cat C:\Desktop\web.config)
#$appConfig.configuration | Get-Member -Force

$appConfig.configuration.ChildNodes | Where-Object Name -Match 'system.web' | ForEach-Object {

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Dorababu MSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Loop through files and changing

$files = Get-ChildItem -Path "D:\WebConfig" -Filter "*.config" -Recurse
Write-Host $files
foreach($file in $files)
    $configFile = $file.FullName
    $appConfig = [xml](cat $configFile)
    $appConfig.configuration.ChildNodes | Where-Object Name -Match 'system.web' | ForEach-Object {


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