Emailing Document using Word 2013 Share Option

We have a customer that was using Windows Live Mail as the default email program with Windows 7.  After the O/S was upgraded to Windows 10, WLM stopped working with a corrupt calendar error.  Rather than having to delete or rename the Calendar folder on a daily basis, the customer switched to Outlook 2013.  However, when the Share option is selected to email the document in Word 2013, WLM is selected to send the file instead of Outlook.  Sharing a file via email with Excel also selects WLM.  Outlook is the default program for email in Windows 10 Settings.

Is there another setting or configuration location that should be changed to allow Word to Share using Outlook as the email program?  
If WLM is uninstalled, should WIndows 10 become the default program for Sharing file via email?  

Although the customer has been shown how to open Outlook and attach the file, they prefer to use the Share option.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAsked:
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
Open Outlook.

On the File tab, choose Options > General.

Under Start up options, select the Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar check box.

Click OK.

With windows 10 sometimes you need to change it in the OS by searching for "Default Programs" in the start menu.
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAuthor Commented:
This issue was worked on last Friday but I decided to submit the question after the Christmas holiday.  I will check this option on Wednesday.  I did not realize they were closed today.  We did check the OS Default program last week.  It is set to Outlook.

Thanks for the reply.
SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
If I recall correctly, and I'm just going off memory, you may also want to check what the default email program is for Internet Explorer. I thought there was a link between those two.
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Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAuthor Commented:
Internet Explorer was checked.  Both Settings and IE default were set to Outlook but these will be checked again.

Thanks again for the reply and suggestions.  These help to double check the items we have already tried.
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAuthor Commented:
The default settings for email all point to Outlook.  I did notice today she is having a problem with Internet Explorer.  IE will not open unless she selects to "run as administrator."  The computer is a Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7.  We are looking at options to reinstall O/S or possibly replace computer.  Customer has asked about both options.

Thanks for your help and replies.
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAuthor Commented:
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