How do I stop a Facebook Messenger hacker?

Jan Cross
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Someone keeps messaging friends with what appears to be my messenger account.   I've gone through Facebook's procedure twice, changing the password, tightening my security, and yet it continues.   I've been dealing with this for over a week.  Any suggestions?
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They could be spoofing your account and if that is the case there is not much you can do. You and / or your friends should report this to Facebook Support.

On your side, change your password again and use a couple of special characters in the password
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As John mentioned, report the spoofed Facebook account. But note that you can't do that from below if the scammer block you. At most you can still report to the Facebook support but unlikely it is going to help as they are none the wiser who is the real one. It can be a hassle experience. Minimally announce such situation to your friends and family quickly.
Your account not necessarily is hacked, it's a trick known as account cloning. E g. Someone creates a copy of your account by using your name and photos which they copied from your account. They block you so you can't see them or report them. Then they start sending friend requests to your friends. The people doing this are scammers.

Suggested Action plan
- Post on your Timeline, warning all your friends not to accept any friend requests that appear to be from you
- Actively warn your friends not to believe any messages which appear to be from you. Repost the warnings a few times over the next few days in case people miss them.
- Check your friend list, see if there's anyone suspicious. Your friend list should NOT be public, as scammers will use it to target your friends.
- Chsnge using second factor authentication to strengthen your password based login.
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
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You need to secure all accounts that can be used to recover/change password


Thank you for your help.

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