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Outlook Fails to Open .pst -- issue with permissions or read only BUT I own the file

Rebuilt Win 10 with new C drive.  I have backup copies of my *.pst files.  Installed Outlook but when I try to open any of the files the error message says:  File Access Denied.  You don't have permissions.

I have played the Properties/Security screens;  I have made new self  the owner, I have full control -- as does every other Admin and user on the system [see attached fig].  I have verified that jm@imagemining.net is the current sign on, is administrator level.  ALSO if i try to edit file permissions, all the Allow columns are checked AND grayed out.

I tried the scanpst utility and its said it could not fix the file because the file is read only but properties does not say the file is read only.

the archive/saved pst files i have were created when I had a local account on my Win 10 system.  when i rebuilt windows now on my system it insisted on a network account.  no more option for local.  I have a feeling maybe this is a local/network account mismatch?

I am very perplexed.  How to fix this?
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