DUID ipv6 broadcasting by stranger device before my isp dhcpv6.ISP valid time back before 2012

I had this question after viewing UUID for OEM Bios no embedded Ethernet mac address , after vista II OS , is it protecting or abnormal ?.


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UUID is modifiable feature as many as no limited with motherboard changed .  Vista II DUID with IPv6 can not be changed followed rules of NIC and IANA.

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Vista II DUID ahead of dhcpv6 valid from my ISP Apr. 2014 , broadcasting to the networks, taken away authentication  and rollback me as its client of "server" .  ISP prolonging for treating this since 2012 with dhcpv4 only to later it having had dhpv6 .  The Modem.ISP only can release an fe80:: layer IPv6 to the gateway and as dns.ipv6 by the ipcfg /all command reported.

Whose DHCPv6 broadcasting DUID embedded OEM motherboard.mac replaced off and lost ?
ipcfg modem dns
Gateway assigned fe80:: local layer IPv6 from the stranger upper device , unauthenticated "Server"  device / platform?
modem gateway IPv6 fe80::

Your writing  back are expected on  how to modify this and calculate the mass caused inside the complexity .  Let have a valid IPv6 directly from ISP.   ISP routering service not relied these years by 1996 , because the poor firewall and account Username duplicated in high/low case. While the local wireless router dictated chose concerns about , they would not deform the insisting  wire.Router even changed few times item,  the own device router for its/their  historical online network records ?

When the modem connecting time, there is IPv6 found at the ipconfig and diagram,  as known the fiber .modem.isp without built-in router feature and ISP in the dynamic dhcpv6 currently , to be a wire_100m client just ?

Modem isp without connecting to internet with IPv6

 diagram no internet

See here 55 viewers , uncatchable is the feedback yet coming on this protocols related case , it is relating to all of the posts in experts the years .
Please keep it .

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Li HUANGAsked:
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Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
The Modem connecting ipconfig /all  detecting the gateway is static IPv6 and me was told from ISP , to be one of DHCPv6 some clients its , shall suppose to fetch a dynamic IPv6 at the gateway , shall not ?

Microsoft System. Event error remaining on 1002, 1003, 1009 mostly every day.  For the 2nd motherboard mac in DHCPv4 while , the DUID with 1st built-in OEM board. Ethernet  mac address. NO-WAY configured correctly from ISP when the OEM vendor having report off to this board machine under repair recently by else client of OEM supplier ?  

First board replaced off in 2011 earlier time and lost from home.  There is no obligation for OEM to unify the every machine alone for dhcp server ?

The ITEF , ICANN, NIC so on tele association RULEs of "The Replaced hardware wont' impact the DUID to be changed "  with when , the privilege faster or earlier DHCPv6 catch machine or server etc. device  at the multiple networks , would auto taken away my authentication from ISP who has had the DHCPv6 in Apr. 2014 but the wrong DUID device which found from 2011 at the network abnormal actions ?

This case pertaining to OEM supplier, ISP mainly as well Protocols companies and IT engineering forces . . . which who related , if you can let know who where to continue to track this many years case, would like to have your recommendation for it go on researching .

Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
This conferring protocol case , is under inspecting and researching from some places,  wish you keep it open . And thank you for call whoever at experts-exchanges to take this one , GIG recommended accepting .
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Is the question already on Gig? i would like to give it a shot.
Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
Thank you bbao join this,

DUID v6  final 32 hect is mac of my OEM vista board address, replaced off in 2014, and lost from home.

OEM supplier yesterday claimed this changed motherboard belong to its property which means can be assigned to else using it. By ID document under OEM, there is a repair record on it.

As this privileged taken away DHCPv6 broadcasting mac device , maybe earlier than mine this board already having had the mim existing,
that my 2nd put on board is in IPv4 only shared ,

Current worst situation is :

MAIL, WEB servers all controlled from this DUID user who don' t known , set lifetime very larger and reset winsock at local-layer  unable fixed.
IPv6 tracker.org => from location Sweden return to ISP ,
Whose IPv6 unknown, of ISP or client from ISP ?

Router is not from ISP who can any time stop my service by the contract, its service for Username argued at don't care High/Low Case for each client , so Cisco personal R replying , even the 3rd Router via would be fine refer to :

** DUID wont' be changed with hardware changed .

** The DHCPv6 DUID is not representing the MAC address of the NIC directly. There are several ways in which it can be generated, as stated in the RFC below:

Would please let know whether when the Gig been appointed ?

Li HUANGAuthor Commented:
I have contacted one who may likely take this as in the  Gig, that no appointment made yet.

Am not valid to the desktop neither this term unfortuately for the long years around case when just found its focus... at IT protocols the month. Why doing come as it, ask myself 100 times more these days.

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