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MFC - Which version?

Dear all,

I have an open code of MFC made in 2002. Could someone please tell me approximately which is the version of this script?

I imagine it is Microsoft C or Microsoft C++, but which version if was compiled in 2002?


2 Solutions
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Can you not see the MFC version if the file properties?
Kevin StanushApplication DeveloperCommented:
Knowing the date the program was compiled won't really let you know the exact MFC version, but it might get you close:


MFC apps are normally compiled with dynamic linking to the MFC library, mfcxx.dll, where 'xx' is the version.  This library is a dependency of the .exe, so you can use some Microsoft developer tools to find the dependency, or just use Notepad.exe on the .exe, and find the .dll dependencies, listed at the bottom of the .exe.  Set Notepad to not wrap the 'text' and don't alter the file.  If you can run the .exe, the .dll will also be visible as having been loaded by the application.  Your computer will most likely have multiple versions of the mfcxx.dll files on it, so its hard to know which one is used by the application, but its in the loader in the .exe.
BOB KUSPEAuthor Commented:
Thank you

 I am using the Visual C++  6.0 which used the MFC42.dll. Are 2 workspaces. One of them I recompiled with success, but another not.

The website were I found: http://www.manydlls.org/dictionaryeditor.exe/en-download-22499.html

MFC42.dll means mfc 4.2.

you may use the depends.exe (which came with vc 6.0) to find out other dll's timestamp and version.

note, the mfc version rarely is responsible for compile or build errors. i would assume that your windows os is no longer providing some of the needed dll's or active-x controls.

if you post the build errors we probably can give better advice.


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