Large amount of security audit failures with no "Source Workstation".

We are seeing a large amount of security audit failures with no source workstation listed.  Usually these happen in quick blips with well over 1,000 accounts tried in a short time span.  In each instance, there is never a source workstation listed and 99% of the errors show a 0xc0000064 error since there is no such account.  Is there anywhere else to check where I can tell where this took place from?  We have multiple DC's, but only one DC is showing the audit failures.

Authentication Package:      MICROSOFT_AUTHENTICATION_PACKAGE_V1_0
Logon Account:      ****
Source Workstation:      
Error Code:      0xc0000064

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FormerZeroCoolAuthor Commented:
Through verbose logging we were able to determine the machine in question last Friday.  (I apologize for not closing the ticket out.)  Once it was removed from the network, all login attempts stopped.
SunilTechnical Specialist - Wintel Operations.Commented:
FormerZeroCoolAuthor Commented:
I looked at that article earlier, but since this DC only gets shutdown every 30-60 days for patches, that takes it out of the equation.  Whoever is trying to get into the system is using non-standard accounts.  I turned verbose logging on in hopes that some additional information would be obtained.
FormerZeroCoolAuthor Commented:
None of the answers prior to resolving the issue myself answered my question.
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