Powershell Regular Expressions

Hi All,

I have this line of code in my powershell script:

#Only for Marie Curie users
if ($user.email -like "*@asda.com") {

    $GetADUser = {Get-ADUser -Filter "EmailAddress -eq '$($user.email)'" -Properties * -ErrorAction Stop}


problem is that if there is an comma in the email, e.g testacco'unt1@asda.com, the script fails, how can i validate the script so there isn't a comma?
Kelly GarciaSenior Systems AdministratorAsked:
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SunilTechnical Specialist - Wintel Operations.Commented:
Do you mean , (comma) or ' (quote)?
SunilTechnical Specialist - Wintel Operations.Commented:
Refer this link to use the escape character in the powershell
A quick note - nothing in the code is making any use of regular expressions.  "-eq" does a direct match, and "-like" enables the use of the wildcard "*".
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Kelly GarciaSenior Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
apologies i meant quote
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
You'll indeed have to escape single quotes here, as you are building a string containing a string expression. It is probably much easier to build the filter string differently:
    $GetADUser = {Get-ADUser -Filter "EmailAddress -eq '" + $user.email.Replace("'", "''") + "'" -Properties * -ErrorAction Stop}

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or use a scriptblock:
    $GetADUser = {Get-ADUser -Filter {EmailAddress -eq "$($user.email)"} -Properties * -ErrorAction Stop}

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Sajen JoseCommented:
You can probably try this regex

If ($user.email -match "^[a-zA-Z0-9.!£#$%&'^_`{}~-]+@asda.com")

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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Sajen, how should that help? The AD query still would have the quote. and the original IF condition is sufficient to catch email addresses for that domain (which is the intent).
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