common files\microsoft shared\ink dll replacements

I have a server 2008 with a raid 5 that recently  SQL stopped working.

Checked the logs and found that one of the disks is failing (predictive failure) so I have another one coming and will replace. But in the mean time - scf /scannow is finding issues with the dll's in the common files\microsoft shared\ink directory.(which I assume is why some of the apps are having issues/not starting etc)

It states the hashes do not match the actual file - calling them corrupt. Not really knowing what they were I figured I could copy them from another server and just overwrite them. Wrong. They are in use. So tried booting into safe mode and running scf /scannow and got the same result.

I am timid of trying to repair windows for fear it will delete any data and or have to reinstall the programs/rebuild the server but even if it doesn't do that and would simply replace the dlls are it believes are corrupt - when I tried to boot off the Windows DVD - it couldn't determine the OS because it couldn't load the drivers for the drives (maybe because of the RAID controller hardware?) - so I was stuck there too. Normally we have to boot to the Dell System Management and Utility DVD if we are deploying the OS - not the Windows DVD itself - so I'm not sure what method I am to take here.

Any ideas?
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vpnsol123Author Commented:
Figured it out - it was a simple permission issue on those DLL's - not that they were in use - after giving myself ownership and rights - I coulf replace them from another server - which was great.

SQL services till woudlnt' start - ended up looking at the sqlserver.exe and seeing it was 0KB - so grabbed another from a workign same version install and everything started again
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