Remove windows 10 key from Bios

I have a Laptop Windows 10 Home version and I want to install my new  windows 10 PRO Version licence, is possible remote that key form Bios?

when I install the windows 10 pro remove the futures and activate the home version

any Ideas?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The key is in the Microsoft Licensing Server, not the BIOS. Go to Windows 10 Settings, System, About, and click on the Upgrade Link. Upgrade from there.
Jason CarsonComputer TechnicianCommented:
What do you mean remove the futures?
PLCITSAuthor Commented:
after install windows 10 pro the bios activate windows home and remote futures like include in the domain  etc
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Jason CarsonComputer TechnicianCommented:
ok, I think the problem is you are trying to install Windows 10 Pro but when you do it activates as Windows 10 Home? Is that correct?

When you say futures, do you mean features?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The machine looks like it should be capable.

Either (a) contact HP Support, or (b) back up completely and do a fresh install of Windows 10.
PLCITSAuthor Commented:
Jason: that's correct that my problem and yes sorry!! I mean features
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
My post above is in the wrong thread, Sorry. Please delete it.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Simply change the key in Windows - you have a VALID key for Windows 10 Pro, right?  Go to the system control panel and under Windows Activation, click Change Product key.  There, you have the 10 Pro features.
Jason CarsonComputer TechnicianCommented:
My laptop also came with Windows 10 Home. In order to install Pro I had to make a small change to my USB installation media.

1) Download the Windows 10 ISO on the Microsoft website. Click "Download tool now" and create a USB drive installation media.

2) Create a text file called ei.cfg and Inside it include only the following...


Open in new window

3) Put the ei.cfg file in \x64\sources\ and \x86\sources\ directory on your Windows 10 USB Installation media.

4) Install windows, Now it will ask you what version do you want to install. Select Windows 10 pro.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You just need to purchase the upgrade and change the key. It is really quite easy. As noted by Lee and in my first answer here.
However, some features don't change by just changing the key as other people have noticed. For example, people who "just changed the key" did not have a group "remote desktop users" since it is not installed on home and the key-change does not add it - nice one, Microsoft.

So I suggest to simply install from a usb stick that has no ei.cfg file on it (delete it from the folder "sources" on your stick). That will make setup ask for a key and you input the correct key for pro.
Jason CarsonComputer TechnicianCommented:
Without an ei.cfg it will just install as home which is his problem to begin with.

With the ei.cfg on the usb key he can select Pro.

He can enter the product key after his first windows login.
oops! LOL
Yes, I mixed that up. Instead: the way should be to enforce using a product key
create PID.txt in the sources directory, edit it to be:

Open in new window

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