Folder Redirection Group Policy Succeeds on Windows 7 but Doesn't Redirect

We have some Windows 7 laptops that use to have Offline Files turned on with Folder Redirection.  We are moving user folders to a new server and are disabling Offline Files.  We have a Folder Redirection GPO that is working for all users except some on laptops with Windows 7.  When those users log in on desktop Windows 7 the GPO works and redirects showing their user folder on the server share in their Documents.  On the laptops they don't and when we try to manually add them it won't allow it because it says the location is Not Indexed.  Again, works on a Windows 7 Desktop but not on their Laptops.  I am thinking it has to do with Offline Sync being active in the past.  

Also, the GP Result report on the laptop says the policy was successfully applied but the folder doesn't redirect for the Documents folder.

Does anyone have any insight into this?
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Setup offline files for the network share and there will be no conflict with your GP
You can not redirect a redirected folder.
The process to transition from one location to another when it is a server based versus a domain based destiantion, is:
First, make sure the existing Folder redirection GPO is configured to copy the date back when the GPO no longer applies. This means the data will be copied back into the user's when the GPO no longer applies.
Second, if change was needed, allow time for the GPO changes to propagate.
Third, IMHO, it is best to create a second GPO with the new Destination as well as to Use A Domain based share to avoid this issue in the future. (DFS can retarget the destination server hosting the data at will with minimal to no impact on the user)
Fourth: test by using a security filter or a WMI rule to deny a specific user access rights to the folder redirect GPO and see whether the redirected folders revert...

This is the only automated way to achieve this process, (hopefully you did not alter/delete the preceding folder redirection GPO)
the other is to manually go through each users ntuser.dat file ............
manually copying the data from the existing location to the new location using robocopy /copy:dato or use backup/restore... to preserve right and ownership///

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BeratungAuthor Commented:
Not sure if you read the part where I state that this works just fine on a Desktop that has never used Offline Files.  We CANNOT use Offline Files going forward.  For security reasons and practical ones.  We are not looking for the GPO to move the data.  We are merely wanting the Documents mapping to point to the new location.   We have already copied the data to the new share and are updating it until the Documents folders are pointing to the new location.  Again, this works on Desktops where Offline Files was never used, and doesn't where it was on laptops.  We had similar issues with the old file share and since we were using Offline Files at the time the resolution was to turn on Offline Files to index the location.  We did that even on Desktops back then to resolve it.  Now we can't and do not want to use Offline Files, and Microsoft's remedy for this issue is the turn it on.  Now we could turn it on, map the folder and turn it off but I'd like to avoid the sync that would occur just to throw that load of files away off the laptop.
In my office, we had the solution with GP folder redirection to the mapped folder and mapped folder is available offline for the laptops. 2 different policy, one liked to the desktop OU and the other linked to the laptop OU. Works perfectly fine for us, we have 13 sites, over 500 laptops, I only remember we had some issues during migration from XP to Win 7, but after that was working perfectly fine.
Check this document, it is old but might help:
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