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How do I get a single page report for a current form record?

I have an invoice form that makes a report for mailing.  However, everytime I run the  report, all records are visible. How do I limit to the current form?
Jennie Parmer
Jennie Parmer
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Ryan ChongCommented:
all records are visible. How do I limit to the current form?

you need to filter your report by passing the condition.

Apply a Filter When Opening a Form or Report

DoCmd.OpenReport Method (Access)
Robert WardlowPresidentCommented:
Hello Jennie,

Ryan is exactly right but you can also try this:

You can base your invoice report on a query and you can specify in the query a field to select the customer you want to send your invoice to.

I will assume there is a field in your query something like customerID
I also assume there is a field on your invoice form for customerID

In the query for your report add this to the customerID field:
forms![invoice form name].customerID

This will select the customerID from the form as the record selected for the report as long as the form is open.

Hope this helps
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
How are you printing the Invoice? If you're just printing the Form, then you'd instead need to setup a Report, as the other Experts have suggested. Printing a Form will print every record in the current datasource for that form.

IMO, a better method to print from a form is to create a report that contains all of the records you need, then supply the WHERE argument of the OpenReport method:

DoCmd.OpenReport "NameOfYourReport", acViewPreview, , "InvoiceID=" & Me.InvoiceID
Ryan ChongCommented:
do you need further assistance here?
Ryan ChongCommented:
as suggested
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