How to Run 120-volt devices at Higher than 20 amps?

I am quite electrically literate, but this one has me stumped!  I have double-00 8-strand wire running from my main panel to this very serious sub-panel.  My Spa is connected via this sub-panel, but it only consumes (when it is turned on) a maximum of 50-amps, and frankly, I don't use it that often.

This leaves me 150+ amps of current being delivered to my Crypto-Mining operation. Here is my draw back:  ALL of my rigs use 120-volts just fine and the newer hardware is requiring an even larger amount of power.  SO, what is to keeping me from "tapping off" this massive Master power line a larger number of times?  I LOVE my house, so "slow burns" is simple not acceptable.

Does ANYONE make a 120-volt, higher amperage outlet?  One that will carry the load quite adequately??  Perhaps 30 or 40 amps at a time?
Bradley GrubbAsked:
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I agree with David about most outlets.

You can get 20 Amp breakers and special outlets for heavy duty appliances but you cannot wisely put 20 Amp breakers into regular household circuits.

You can get large breakers and split outlets (break off the center tab) to make both outlets 15 Amps each. This is done in kitchens.

You would be better with multiple 15 Amp circuits than one large circuit and breaker as David noted above.

You should get a certified electrician to help you.
rianto moyoCommented:
lalu dengan cara apa lagi saya bisa mengetahui pemilik file ini
Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
Standard wall outlets are rated at 15 Amps.  While outlets for higher currents are available, they use different plugs.  The common 'solution' to this 'problem' is to run multiple 15 Amp services to standard outlets.  Note that the standard ISO line cords are rated for 3 to 6 amps and that's what most computer power supplies use.
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IEC309 go up to 100A,

BTW, Your PSUs may be more efficient at higher voltage which you can generate by using two phases to give 208v.
Bradley GrubbAuthor Commented:
THANK YOU FOR WEIGHING IN ON THIS ISSUE.  I'm already running from a sub-panel, so the thing that is so difficult is how to add a second panel that will hold more breakers in the limited space that I have.  BASED ON YOUR INPUT, THOUGH, I have decided that the second sub-panel is a must.  Thankfully the first sub-panel is supplied power with 00 wire!
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