TSM - history command

My question is :
it is possible to increase the number of lines in the history ?
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAsked:
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max_the_kingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that is the TSM console, which you launch with the "dsmadmc" program.

You may as well use a cmd line from Windows, by opening a command line CMD, then change directory to where the TSM client has been installed (baclient directory) and where the dsmadmc program resides.

from there you can open dsmadmc program with your credentials:

dsmadmc -id=E62462 -pass=<yourpassword> -tcpport=1500 -tcps=<tsm_server_ip_address>

then you can use the shell and modify it as you like.

that is a property that belongs to the shell (i.e. Dos cmd prompt) and NOT TSM itself.

It should be easy anyway:
open a cmd line, go to properties (right-click on the frame of the window) and see into Option tab: there you find "Command History" on the right, which defaults to 75 into the buffer counter. You can change that value as you like

hope this helps
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
But i work with shell unix , must modify HISTSIZE on server ?
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you need to work on unix shell, whatever it is, it is not a matter of TSM

Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
I enter with :
tsm: TSM_7.1>q admin E62462

Administrator        Days Since       Days Since      Locked?       Privilege Classes
Name                Last Access     Password Set
--------------     ------------     ------------     ----------     -----------------------
E62462                       <1              948         No         System

this user is registered on tsm, i don't think there is a relation with the shell enrironment
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
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