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Win 8.1 64 bit.
In windows explorer if we click right on a file, then we have the option “Send to” and there is a list of drivers, Desktop...and so on.
I would like to have the option to “Send to”, that basically would mean “copy/paste”, to a private/specific folder that I choose.
The best would be to have a shortcut on keyboard: having a file or more files selected, juts to press a combinations of keys and have those files copied to a given folder.
How to achieve that? Is it possible?
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Hello ThereSystem Administrator
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Hold down the Shift key when right-clicking the file or folder to get additional options.
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But if you want to create your custom 'Send to' options:
1. Press Windows+R
2. Type shell:sendto
3. Add items to the 'C:\Users\YourProfile\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo' folder. To add, just drag and drop the location icon or copy and paste the shortcut of the destination you want.
4. Done! You've made your own custom Sent To list.
Thanks for info, but is only half way.
I ave seen similar here:
Or Copy to Folder:
In Win8 in Windows Explorer there is Home-CopyTo-Choose Location.

The question is how to add a shortcut key for one of the above?
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More exactly I want to use for photos. The files are photos.
I have over 20K photos and I want to look at the photos and when I decide for one, then i just want to press for example CRTL+S and then that photo to be copied in one folder that I have chosen before.
How to do that?
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If you want windows explorer to use shortcuts, you would have to use macros that some tool like auto-it can create for you. Possible, but needs knowledge - but you should be able to simply google a how-to.
If it is ok for you to use external file managers, there should be several to offer customizable shortcuts that do just what you like. Maybe start with downloading and installing total commander
Actually I realized next: I want to look at the photos and when one is of higher interest then I just want to automatically copy it to a folder with a hot-key shortcut.
To achieve that, it seems better to use a photo viewer/manager with catalog function, labeling, organizing...and then probably will help me to copy automatically the photos in a given folder.
I noticed free on net FastStone Image Viewer and IrfanView Thumbnails. Then pro is Photo Director Cyberlink and Adobe Lightroom.
Any other suggestions, eventually free?
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No, I am not good with photo tools.
FastStone Image Viewer does the job very well.
I can see the photos, thumbnails or full screen and is enough to press "C" two times and the photos is copied in a folder chosen in advance.
Thank you for your suggestions.
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You are welcome.
Hello ThereSystem Administrator
Distinguished Expert 2018

I am glad I could help.
Further note for future users:
- FastStone cannot search sub-folders and that is bad in my case.
- Instead XnView , which is also free, can search the sub-folders and with some keystrokes can save the pictures.
-The best solution that I have tested and works for me is ACDSee Photo Studio. It searches/scanning a drive, makes a catalog, then you can search withing catalog with various criteria, then apply labels, flags... and you can save to a specific folder with Alt+C. Perhaps Lightroom and PhotoDirector does the same, because they work with catalogs, but I could not figure not out fast how to play with them. The Lightroom made in my case a cache on local drive and that took some 30GB of space because it added also videos. I wanted only images. The PhotoDirector cannot search as I wanted or at least I could not figure it out in 30min to set it as I want it, I mean the search results. ACDSee is similar, but everything seems more familiar and the catalog and the search within catalog was easier to be done within 10-15min.

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