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Weird Switch Issue

I have a customer that has a weird issue going on. He has a network printer right next to his computer. To make a long story short the printer will disappear on him (unable to ping) and if he un-plugs the cable from the switch it will come back.

   It is an old Netgear 10/100 8-port. So.... I replaced it with a decent HP Office Connect 10/100/1000 and this is where is gets strange. The "main" cable going to another switch will not connect and give a link light when plugged in to the new switch.

   His computer give a link light on the switch, the printer give a link light on the switch but the main cable to the rest of the network will not give him a link light. I can plug it back in to the old Netgear switch switch and a link light will come on. Just not in the new HP switch. Switching ports doesn't help.

   I am at a loss on this one.....

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