SCCM - Service Plan for Fall Creators Update 1709

anyone have any experience with upgrading windows 10 machines to 1709 using a SCCM service plan?  We have the latest version of SCCM loaded, i have created a service plan and my results pushing it have varied.  I have one Windows 10 1511 machine that doesn't see the update at all, another that is running windows 1703 that reports the 1709 update as "failed" with out actually trying to install it and one machine that it worked like a typical Windows update being pushed from SCCM.  The latter is my ultimate goal, but i cannot release the 1709 upgrade without getting more consistent successful results.  
The errors from the 1703 that report failed are below.  Any input would be appreciated.

Upgrade installation result indicates that commit cannot be done.
Installation job encountered some failures. Error = 0x80240022. Commit Result = 0x00000001.
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Pankaj KumarSystems SpecialistCommented:

Please refer windowsupdate.log for more details about update failure.
0x80240022 - it simply means that all updates are failed.

Also check after disabling or uninstalling Antivirus.

Note- In windows 10 , you have to convert trace files to windowsupdate readable logs using Powershell Command - Get-WindowsUpdateLog
Pankaj KumarSystems SpecialistCommented:
Hope your issue is resolved as we not received any update since long.
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