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Windows 2016 Data Collector Sets

I have some question regarding data collector sets which I was hoping the E.E members could help me with.

1) I have a base install of Windows 2016 GUI. When I go to Computer Management and expand Performance Monitor I do not see any Data Collector set listed.

2) I have a number of Windows 2012 and 2016 core DC's and would like to export the AD Diag data collector set and import it into a Core user using logman import. This is possible correct?
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Thank you for the feedback. Stupid question, but what were Data Collector sets removed from Windows 2016?
The feature just doesn't exists in 2016. It wasn't moved it, in fact was just removed it
I wonder why it was removed?
Thanks for all of the great information. I cannot be believe there isn't a write out there on performance monitor for Windows 2016 core DC's
What about this:

using Performance monitor:
It seemed to me very weird as well, but it works on windows server 2016 with GUI (not with core).