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Security Update For Exchange Server 2016 CU6 (KB4045655) didnt apply - now Exchange disabled

We have a new Windosw 2016 server with Exchange 2016.
This was working fine until we installed the latest updates.

Specifically "Security Update For Exchange Server 2016 CU6 (KB4045655)".
This tried to run but then displays "Failed to install 29/12/2017"

The problem is that all the Exchange services are disabled and isn't working
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Muhammad Asif

Can you please let us know what services are not running?  Are you getting the issue with Microsoft Exchange Front-end Transport, Transport, Replication and Information Store server?

Moreover, are you also getting the issue while opening PowerShell and ECP on that server. If yes then please let me the error which you are getting.

Are you able to enable again all the exchange services?

Check with the folloing command the services: Test-ServiceHealth

If the update passed partially and failed, you should try reinstalling it. Stop the antivirus, close all management consols and all windows while the update is running. Run the update as administrator. If it fails again try downloading it from scratch and repeat the procedure. You can try running the update in safe mode too (if do not require some running services)
Set the services back to Automatic and start them.
Also review installation log file for errors and post them.
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All the Services seemed to be set to disabled. Following suggestions elsewhere, I set all Disabled Services to Automatic.
Changed UAC to low level.
Downloaded the Exchange 2016 CU6 KB4045655 update manually and ran from an elevated Command window.
This did not help.

We are running Sophos Endpoint Security. I clicked to stop On Access scanning etc.
So I tried to manually start some of the services, but they seem to fail with the messages similar to:-
Windows could not start the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology Service on Local Computer.
Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start.

I checked the dependency list and they seem to be started "Net TCP Port Sharing Service" and  "Netlogin"

Should I try Exchange Server 2016 CU7 install?
I don't want to say that you are in deep s..., but do not put your self in further trouble with improvisation. Do not jump on to next update before you fix this issue. Exchange updates are sometimes very complex, and you have to fulfil the prerequisites. Otherwise, services will stop operating.
Going back to your failed update. Is any reason you run this update, but you didn't go to CU8? Did you reed the CU6 prerequisites?
Do not follow blindly our suggestions because we might be missing some details (we do not have access to your server and we do not have the history).
Why the services become disabled? After the failed update or you disabled them manually? Do you know which service was starting automatically and which one was manual before the update?
We had face few days ago similar kind of an issue. The services were not starting and we were also not able to open PowerSehll and ECP on affected Exchange server.  We had found the solution and it is described in the given below link.  Please look into it as it might help you.
Any Update?  Have you managed to resolved this case?   If issue still persists then can you please share the errors with us which you are getting in event viewer.
A similar issue has been documented on several sites. Take a look at this reference. Hopefully it will guide you to a resolution.
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Thanks Rosco - I resolved the issue by restoring a backup from a day earlier - but your solution looks like it may have worked !!
Hi Howdythere,

Can you please guide me about backup recovery of Exchange, if we have two Exchange 2016 servers in DAG and one of it goes down or have some problem as just like you were facing. So in this case, what we need to do?

Should we need to restore the whole Exchange system along with drives and everything or just we need to restore the system state?  if we restore the system then is there would be any inconsistancy?

Can you please explain the best way which you are following?