How to reset Nameservers in WHM after Server Migration

A ways back, I'd set up nameservers on my VPS (let's call them '' and '').  I host a couple of dozens websites on that VPS.

For all of my domains, on the domain registrar's site, I'd set the Nameservers for that domain to Custom Nameservers:  '' and ''.

Recently, I had to ask my VPS provider to create a new server for me (let's call it 'newVPS'), leaving my previous VPS (let's call it 'oldVPS') active so I could migrate or re-create accounts and contents from the oldVPS to the newVPS.

Both the oldVPS and newVPS use WHM/CPanel admin interfaces.  
The oldVPS is setup as (cut and pasted from the WHM panel banner): 'CENTOS 6.9 i686 virtuozzo – oldvps  WHM 56.0 (build 52)'
The newVPS is setup as (cut and pasted from the WHM panel banner): 'CENTOS 7.4 virtuozzo [newvps]  v68.0.21'

My understanding (which is limited in these areas) is that the nameservers I setup on my VPS have to be associated with one of the domains I own/host on that VPS.

The nameservers which I had previously setup on oldVPS were associated with '' one of the domains/accounts hosted on oldVPS.  

For simplicity, I'm thinking of creating new nameservers on newVPS and associate them with '', another domain/account to be hosted on newVPS.

How do I create my new nameservers on newVPS, say '' and '', presumably from newVPS's WHM (I'm guessing under one of the DNS Functions but not sure which one, e.g. 'Add a DNS Zone', or 'Add an A entry for your Hostname', etc.)?

The problem i'm having is that after I add an A entry for the root account on my VPS it reverts back to the IP address it had on the old server.  I've tried to assign different namerservers on the old server thinking that it was overiding the IP addresses I was setting on the new server but to no avail.
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Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
So essentially you would like your newVPS to take over the oldVPS for DNS management?
qengAuthor Commented:
Thx Dmitri.  That is correct.

I did get past the initial issue by first deleting the custom nameserver assignments at the primary domain's registrar and then re-creating them.

The VPS root account is linked to one of my domains which is what I call my 'primary domain') then for the primary domain at the registrar, I assigned the custom nameservers again as well as re-defined which URL those custom nameservers (ie the new VPS's URL) were associated with (having to specify both seems odd to me, I would have assumed that specifying the name ns1. and ns2. of my custom nameservers should have been sufficient, as it is for any other secondary domain which I host on that VPS).

Anyhow, doing this is did manage to get the nameserver working again and the various secondary domains to resolve to my new VPS.

I'm thinking we should close this question for the time being and I will re-open if I encounter another issue.

I am about to take possession of an updated server (my VPS provider has provided a new server with an updated CENTOS version) and I'll have to go through the above process again.


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Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
Cool. I am glad you were able to figure this out. I will flag it for a moderator to close with points refunded.
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qengAuthor Commented:
No worries on the points Dmitri and thank you for responding.  I may ultimately require your assistance with the latest server if I have issues unhooking the previous nameservers but it will be cleanest if I re-issue a question with specifics to the problem then, if needed.

Thx for your feedback.
Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
Great, feel free to reach out to me via Direct Messages if you require any further assistance about this!
qengAuthor Commented:
Thx Dmitri.
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