Google Voice and VOIP phones

I know a little about VOIP so please bear with me on this <g>

I know of services like Vonage that use an adapter - plug the ethernet into the box and it has an rj11 for a regular phone.

Then there are services that use a 'VOIP phone' like the grandstream GXP2130.  Is there a word or phrase that distinguishes these 2 type of services?

or most any service can use both - the adapter or voip phone?

And specifically, i have a spare GXP2130 phone. I'd like to know if I can set that up to make & receive calls using google voice?

or are there other free / very cheap services? I don't care about reliability really.  if its down for hours at a time not a big deal. not looking to port a number to the service. Just have another line / experiment with this gxp2130
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You'd need some sort of phone system for the GXP2130 to connect to, which could in turn link with Google Voice (with some additional assistance). One example is Google Voice Gateway.

However, what I'd recommend that you get 3CX (software based PBX) on a computer that you already have lying around. If I remember right, you can have a super basic license for free, but if you want any real capacity, then you need to pay. Then talk to a SIP trunk provider, and get them to provide you with a trial trunk. Some companies will do this, while others won't.

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
interesting - that will get you sip service? it's legit? What's their business model?! They just charge $6 setup?  Then they have your gmail account info to abuse?

Just looking for a simple way to use a spare SIP phone (is that the right words to describe a GXP2130?).  your 2nd paragraph seems to have more steps / setup / costs : )
I've heard of it being legit in a number of forums, but I won't personally put a recommendation to the Google Voice Gateway. However, to my understanding your only charge was the setup. Supposedly they never end up with your authentication information, but it's a worthy question to ask. I'd inquire with them directly. Bear in mind I did point out in my original post that you'd still need a phone system of some sort.

Second paragraph is really about the same number of steps as the first. You can't use the phone without some sort of PBX. It's just a matter of where the phone service for the PBX is coming from. I suggested 3CX because I recall them having a free version, and having just checked they seem to have changed the terms: now it's free for only one year (used to be free forever, but you were limited to 1 or 2 simultaneous calls). If you have a PC laying around you can install 3CX on, there's no cost other than time (assuming that it has all of the hardware in it already). The SIP trunk, some providers will let you try out for free. While you wouldn't be using your Google Voice account, you don't have to worry about the potential red flag of using the GV Gateway (where the credentials go). And at the end of the day, the cost is free from a monetary standpoint. However, you can also get an actual SIP trunk plan for a low cost.

To recap:
1. GXP2130 needs a phone system/PBX to connect to. Can be 3CX, Asterisk, etc.
2. If you want the PBX to use Google Voice for phone service, then something like Google Voice Gateway comes into play (Google killed off the SIP portion years ago). If you just want to use a normal SIP trunk, then you can subscribe to one.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
yeah, I guess I should have said... 'simple' to me includes hosted : )
The PBX can be hosted, but then you may or may not have control over the phone service used with it. :)
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