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Need help with Drupal - creating a link for a file folder. I have created a landing page and need to add a link to a folder containing files; the person accessing the landing page will click the, basically right now a line of text and be taken to a folder they can read/download using the user name and password they are given via an email. I am new to Drupal and I am thus stuck at this stage. Tried searching but could not find exactly what I was looking for.
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Shahzad Fateh AliFounder and CEOCommented:
Do you want Basic Authentication or different authentication to validate user access.

In case of Basic Auth you can just put the link to folder and open it in new window. The Basic Auth will ask for username and password, and will show the list of files within the folder (make sure that folder configuration supports listing of files).

For other type of authentication, create a menu link which will appear in the bottom of the page. Clicking on that will open a page where you will ask for username and password, and upon authentication you will retrieve the list of files and show it.

If you want code related help, show me your existing code and I will make that work for you.
trainer_arwAuthor Commented:
Shahzad - thank you for your reply. I do not have any code. The landing page at this point only has a what is will call a "text box" - I want to have it set so the user will click on it and be directed to the folder. It is basic auth; one user name and password for all the users accessing it. The folder is to have only "view" and "download" rights.

Shahzad Fateh AliFounder and CEOCommented:
Then you should go with the first option mentioned in my first response. I would recommend to have a link instead of text box on landing page. For any further help I will require code or more insight of what additional help you need.
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trainer_arwAuthor Commented:
thank you Shahzad - all good now, with your help, the job is done
Shahzad Fateh AliFounder and CEOCommented:
Glad to hear this.

Kindly accept the answer to bring this question to conclusion. For any new query, you can "Ask a Question" again.

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trainer_arwAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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