Need help implementing using the js scrip

I follow the steps in this link,,  and it works for one view of the DL.  However, It doesn't show up on different views.  Has anyone tried this yet?
These are the 3 scripts ref in the head section of the master file,

<script Type = "Text/Javascript" src=""></script>
<script Type = "Text/Javascript" src=""></script>
<script Type = "Text/Javascript" src=""></script>

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Thank you.
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lenamtlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does jquery-3.2.1.slim.min.js is the complete jquery script?
if not make sure you have the complete jquery JS link for it and it should be place as the first link

What do you mean by
on different views
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  This is a SharePoint Online related question that's why it has many different view for a list.
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