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My company needs to purchase a laptop for our graphic designer who does high end projects using the Adobe Create Cloud.  Can someone recommend a laptop.  The laptop will need a hard drive with lots of Terabytes for space.  How much RAM, type of graphics card, processor should be considered and any other system resources you can recommend to get.   Laptop must run fast with good redundancy in case of hard drive failure.  Screen size is 17 in.  Laptop manufacturer is flexible as long as the laptop is super good.
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Obaid ur RehmanTechnical and Operations ManagerCommented:
Assuming Web Graphics according to post's tag (not Video editing):
I use HP Elitebook series for my graphics work (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator etc) concurrently and it works fine. For specs, I recommend minimum 8GB of RAM, and Intel I5 processor. NVidia Quadro is preferable for design work. Btw, 8470p doesn't have GFX card.

These software consume a lot of RAM and disk space, so focus more on RAM, Processor and 100+ GB of disk space in the OS drive. Depending on the nature of work and your budget, you can go even further to I7 and 16 GB of RAM etc.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You can go to Dell Website, go tp Produckts and select laptop for business
Then will give you a wizard with an options to select from,6105,6084,6087,6113,6094

I see that good one Dell Precision is about $2379
Jim RiddlesPrepress/OMS SpecialistCommented:
Here is an outstanding article on this very subject: Best laptop for design and art

Note that the size of the screen is typically going to be recommended to be smaller than 17" for these laptops.  All models support external displays for when it is required.
Jim RiddlesPrepress/OMS SpecialistCommented:
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