Anyconnect clientless VPN, SSL VPN and L2L VPN Passthrough

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I recently installed a Cisco 1921 router as the def gateway for my network. I also have a Cisco ASA5505 9.2 on the LAN behind the router. My goal is to allow AnyConnect Client SSL, Clientless SSL and site to site VPN passthrough on the router. So far I had a chance to test Client SSL and Clientless SSL and my router configuration does not seem to be working. From the LAN I can establish a VPN session to the outside interface of the ASA. Can you please review my configuration and point me in the right direction?

C1921 Config:
Int G0/0
ip add x.x.x.99
ip nat outside
ip virtual-reassebly
Int Gi0/0.17
enc dot.1Q 17
ip add
Int Gi0/0.100
desc LAN
enc dot1Q17
ip add
ip access-list standard ACL-NAT
ip nat inside source static list ACL-NAT int gi0/0 overload
ip nat inside source static udp 500 x.x.x.99 500 extendable
ip nat inside source static udp 4500 x.x.x.99 4500 extendable
ip nat inside source static udp 1701 x.x.x.99 1701 extendable
ip nat inside source static tcp 1723 x.x.x.99 1723 extendable
ip nat inside source static tcp 443 x.x.x.99 443 extendable

ASA Config
int vlan 17
nameif outside
ip add
int vlan 100
nameif inside
ip add
route outside
***VPN Pool is and there is a C3750 switch beteween the ASA and the rotuer.

Thank You in advance.
Svet ChinkovAsked:
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The ASA is not designed to work behind NAT.

If you only have a single public IP address, use the ASA on the connection.

If you have a public IP block (/29 or larger), then by all means use the router to terminate the connection, but use the public range between the ASA and the router.
Svet ChinkovAuthor Commented:
Appreciate the reply Arne,

I only have a single public IP at this location. I have seen a site to site VPN terminated at an ASA behind NAT but that was some time ago and the router was configured by another engineer. I have never seen it work with AnyConnect. I also thought about using the ASA to terminate the connection but if I am to do that I will be facing more challenges such as licensing. This specific ASA has a base license with 10 inside hosts and 2 Anyconnect peers. While I do not expect to see any issues with only 2 Anyconnect peers allow, I am definitely going to exceed the inside hosts at that side.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share

Thank You,
I would suggest properly licensing the ASA for your number of inside hosts...

Depending on licensing, you could use the router as your VPN endpoint.

AnyConnect uses DTLS, you have only forwarded TCP, you also need to forward UDP 443

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Craig BeckCommented:
You'd see the licensing issue anyway as the ASA is on the inside of the circuit.

I'd just use the ASA to terminate the internet circuit, like Arne said.  It'll make life easier.
Svet ChinkovAuthor Commented:
i tried opening DTLS and HTTPS on the router but I could not get it to work. As a temporary solution I will use the C3750 switch as a def gateway on the LAN and the ASA to terminate the ISP connection. We also decided to upgrade the internet and get a pool of static IP addresses.

Thank You alll  for the help
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