Adding domain users to PC's within my domain

This issue has just started with the past three months on windows 10 machines.  In the past if i wanted to reassign a machine in my domain to another user on the domain I would just go into the control panel of that particular machine and go to "manage user accounts" as the network admin.  Add that user along with our domain.  Windows 10 appears to accept this no problmes.  Now when I log out as the domain admin and log in as the added user to the pc and the desktop is black with no wallpaper, the start menu does not work and there is only a recycling bin on the desktop.  This has happened on three of my windows 10 machines now.  Two while trying to add a user to the machine and one in a case where i moved the user off of one domain, joined him to a workgroup and then joined him to another domain at a different location.  The only remedy I've found is to do a complete reformat of the machine at which time i have to hunt down all my software installed on the machine OEM and try to get it all reinstalled.....also after windows 10 does the reset the search function near the start menu does not work initially I have to use win + r and "run" commands to get to the control panel etc etc, until windows goes through a bunch of updates.  Some may point to GP but the one machine was unjoined from this domain and added to a different
techitch2Network AdminAsked:
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Aren't Domain Users automatically part of the local users group for a computer joined to your domain?  If not, something weird is up with your domain.

Do you use roaming profiles?  That might explain the "empty" desktop...
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
I know at one point years (windows SBS 2003) ago we were using roaming profiles but that was all changed do to slow load times back to local profiles.  I just confirmed my profile is local and it is my profile is what am testing with today.  Yes, all users on the domain are part of the domain users security group.

I also wanted to add the time on the machine then shows in military time after logging in as the new added user with the non functional start menu.  I know that's not a huge deal but it is other than normal.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
If you have a domain, and the computer is member of the domain, then unless you have a GPO preventing users from accessing the system, any domain user can log onto the domain, provided they have a domain account.

Anyway the symptoms sound like those similar to early windows 10 releases.
If you go to the run box or cmd prompt and type winver, which version does it display?
If below version 1607 it might be worth going to the latest Windows 10 version,

Once upgraded simply log into the PC as a domain user without having set him or her up under account manager.
(Clean logon, remove any pre-configured profiles just in case, but make sure they do not contain data you need to retain)
See if that works ;)

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techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
I will have to check tomorrow morning but i also wanted to add all of these machines are upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 during the grace period.  I never had this sort of issue with all prior windows client versions on this domain.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

What's the build version of Windows 10 they are into? Start>>run>>winver

When MS released windows 10 initially, i have faced lot of issues same as yours. After installing the latest build version, now the Windows 10 seems stable.
So, if you using old build version then install latest build along with all the windows updates and see if that helps to get rid of the situation.
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
So the version on this machine is not an old one.  It's 1703.  I know it's not the newest but........however, I just tested on my machine which is ver 1709 and i have no issue adding other domain users to it.
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
So that appears to be it........for whatever reason build 1703 had some kind of issue on two of my domains and now 1709 seems to be ok.  I will say this.  I've about had it with windows 10 and the updates breaking almost everything to date in my environment.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Understand the frustration as many share it likely :)
I think the way to look at it is not the old "Windows 7 SP1/SP2 thing but its kind of a new OS with the same name such as Mac OSX.
Each edition is technically an upgrade/Not same as old. It runs into issues with compatibility of applications and more.
I had no issues with 1703 joining to domain myself, but I did have compatibility problems with some auto updated drivers/products/
I think the main thing is to try and accumulate a list of things to check before upgrading Windows 10 to a new release, but also keep mind that older Win 10 editions are no longer being patched, so if issues exist, have them resolved, rather then waiting too long.

I make sure that once I have a stable Win 10 environment, I create an image of it.
Every few months when Windows does a version upgrade I sit down, test, deploy to few users, wait for issues, resolve, and create gold image to deploy to rest of firm.
Bit of work but it avoids a lot of grumpy users :)
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:

I understand.  However with prior windows you could kind of control the updates.  Now they seem to have made it harder to control exactly when the updates happen.  Loads of pushy reminders for the user and some users just end up updating.  

You sound like you've got a good plan in place and i will attempt to mimic it to a degree.  Thanks
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