I'm trying to list the folders on the directory which are not empty.

Dear Experts,

I use PHP.
I list all my folders with below code, however some of them are empty folders. But I want to list all my folders which are not empty.

how can I do that?
my code is like this

$dir    = 'myfoldername';
$files1 = scandir($dir);

foreach ($files1 as $bayikodu) {

 echo $bayikodu . "<br>";


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Julian HansenCommented:
How many levels do you want to go down - a fixed number or to the end of the path?

You need (for each entry that is a dir) scandir that and see if the returned results > 2 (all folders will have . and .. entries)

$files = scandir($foldername);
if ($files > 2) {
   // not empty

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However, this is a bit simplistic - what constitutes and empty folder? For instance if a folder has 2 other folders but neither of them has any files is the parent folder considered empty?

If you only want to go down one level you can do this
$dir    = 'myfoldername';
$result = getFolders($dir);
echo "<pre>" . print_r($result, true) . "</pre>";

function getFolders($root)
	$result = array();
	$files1 = scandir($root);
	foreach ($files1 as $bayikodu) {
		if (
			is_dir($root . "\\" . $bayikodu) && 
			$bayikodu != "." && 
			$bayikodu != ".." && 
			count(scandir($root . "\\" . $bayikodu)) > 2
		) {

			$result[] = $bayikodu;
	return $result;

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BRMarketingAuthor Commented:
Thank you Julian Hansen.
Best regards.
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome
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