Cannot remove Exchange 2007

My setup is:

Both Exchange 2007 are having the same issue when i try to remove them.

2xExchange 2007 SP3 latest CU
2xExchange 2013 latest CU
2x Domain Controllers on Windows 2016 in forest/domain functionality on the of 2008 R2
IP subnet of the exchange is in the same site as AD.

There were setup in coexistence. I am ready now to remove the old Exchange 2007 so that I can start migration to Exchange 2016.

I am having the following issue

[02/01/2018 17:37:13] [1] Setup launched task 'test-setuphealth -DomainController 'domain.test' -DownloadConfigurationUpdates $true -ExchangeVersion '8.3.517.0' -Roles 'ClientAccess' -ScanType 'PrecheckUninstall' -SetupRoles 'ClientAccess','AdminTools' -TargetDir 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server' -IISInstalled $true'  
[02/01/2018 17:37:14] [1] Beginning processing.
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Beginning processing.
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Administrator Active Directory session settings are:  View Entire Forest: 'True', Configuration Domain Controller: 'domain.test', Preferred Global Catalog: 'domain.test', Preferred Domain Controllers: '{domain.test }'
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Searching objects "exchange2007" of type "Server" under the root "$null".
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Previous operation run on domain controller 'domain.test'.
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Previous operation run on domain controller 'domain.test'.
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Preparing to output objects. Maximum result set size "unlimited".
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Ending processing.
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Cannot find at least one global catalog server running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later in the local Active Directory site.
[02/01/2018 17:37:34] [1] Ending processing.

17:37:17.598: Starting Collecting Data phase.
17:37:32.910: Error (Invalid query ) on WMI search SELECT __RELPATH, OperatingSystemSKU, OSProductSuite FROM Win32_OperatingSystem on scope root\cimv2 on server , skipping object.
17:37:34.410: Error (The ((&(objectClass=msExchExchangeServer)(cn=))) search filter is invalid.) attempting to search for object LDAP://domain.test/cn=Administrative Groups,CN=Technology,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=office,DC=int-(&(objectClass=msExchExchangeServer)(cn=))-Subtree, skipping object.
17:37:34.676: Completed Collecting Data phase.
17:37:34.691: Error (Rule name 'PreReq_fPassiveUninstallNoCMSPresent' referenced by rule 'PreReq_fGlobalServerInstall' in input file is not defined) in format of rules in configuration file.
17:37:34.691: Error (Rule name 'PreReq_szNodeName' referenced by rule 'PreReq_iPhysicalNodesInCluster' in input file is not defined) in format of rules in configuration file.
17:37:34.691: Error (Rule name 'PreReq_szNodeMailboxInstallation' referenced by rule 'PreReq_iPhysicalNodesWithExchangeInCluster' in input file is not defined) in format of rules in configuration file.
17:37:34.738: Starting Postprocessing Rules phase.
17:37:34.754: Completed Postprocessing Rules phase.

Please can you give me any advice.
Raf ZedAsked:
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Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Exchange 2007 cannot exist with any Windows 2016 DCs.  You will need to install Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 DCs and remove the Windows 2016 DCs prior to removing Exchange 2007 via the normal and supported methods.

Make sure you review the Exchange supportability matrix before performing any transition or migration work.  It will save you headaches--like this one.

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Raf ZedAuthor Commented:
Hi Todd,

Many thanks for info I have now manage to process the removal.

I have done two things so not entirely sure which one has fixed it as it suddenly started working .

Promoted another AD on Windows 2012 R2 and set the GlobalCatalogs manualy [PS] S:\>Set-ExchangeServer office-test2

It is still a bit strange because it still validated it against the AD running on 2016 :) according to logs.

I would assume that promoting a new AD on Windows 2012 has changed the way the WMI is working as it no longer failing on WMI query.

Many Thanks
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Sufficient info provided for resolution.
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