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Hey Guys,

Have a HP ML310 G5 server here, a real fun one.
We had a disk failure in a Raid1 Array.

The server we are dealing with has following circumstances.
* 250GB Raid 1 Array.
* Server has only 1GB of ram.
* No HP support or warranty
* In the OS we cannot access "HP Array Configuration Utility" it fails to find the controller???? Instead there is a utility called "HP Storage Manager" installed outside the usual HP configuration tools. This does show the degraded array.
* We were initially unable to kick off the rebuild, so I installed a Pro Liant Support Pack Firmware+Software.
* Now in the BIOS level raid manager I can see the array is marked as "Building" it has been like this for about 16 hours now.

We need to get the server up and running as soon as possible. I do not want to reboot it until at least COB today to avoid any issues with the rebuild being affected.

Any ideas on this? My current stance is to wait another 8 hours , I am considering waiting another 20 hours until work starts tomorrow. Then reboot and check the status in the OS hopefully it either is finished building or continues building from here like it should.

Fun fun

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