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I am trying to use the below command to update the title, department, ipphone, Office, street address, city, state, zip, phone number of user attributes.  

Would someone please check if the parameters are correct?  I am getting error on the IPPhone parameter and also not sure if other parameters are correct.  

Is there a KB that helps me find the name of the correct parameters?  


Set-ADUser -company $user.company -title $user.title -department $user.department -ipPhone $user.ipphone -physicaldeliveryofficename $user.office -streetaddress $user.streetaddress -L $user.city -st $user.state -postalcode $user.postalcode -telephonenumber $user.telephonenumber
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Brian BConnect With a Mentor EE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Sorry I totally didn't see this was still unanswered. I don't know if you still need this or not, but Get-ADUser doesn't have an ipPhone property. However you can set it. This would be an example of the code.
Get-ADuser -Identity SomeUser | Set-ADuser -Replace @{ipPhone="1234"}
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Here is the MS documentation on the command: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/library/ee617215.aspx

I don't think ipphone is a parameter is a valid parameter. What fuctional level are you running at?

I suppose for troubleshooting purpose, just take out that parameter and see if it works.
Todd NelsonConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
It doesn't look like the entire script was shared.  Nevertheless, the following are not parameters for Set-ADUser...

  • ipphone
  • st

Instead of "st", use 'state'

Instead of "ipphone", use 'telephoneNumber' 'officephone' 'mobile' 'mobilephone' or 'homephone'.
nav2567Author Commented:
I need to update the IpPhone field for the users - please see the attached.  

What should I do?

Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Sufficient information provided for solution.
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