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Renaming PCs from AD ... -Dual Changing variable help

Hello Folks,

I have found a way to rename PC from the PS console remotely,...

Rename-Computer -ComputerName 'oldname1' -NewName 'newname1' -DomainCredential "microsoft\admin" -force -restart

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this works fine as one computer goes, however, I'd lke to create a script to handle a bulk of PCs

so far i got this

$oldnames = Get-Content "C:\scripts\oldname.txt"
$newnames = Get-Content "C:\scripts\newname.txt"

foreach ($oldname in $oldnames) {
    Rename-Computer -ComputerName $oldname -NewName $newname -Restart -DomainCredential "microsoft\admin"

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Since the "foreach" will be focus on "$oldnames" how can I sync with  the "$newnames" variable ?  should I setup a loop for the amount of pcs being handle?

Any recommendations would be appreciated
ivan rosa
ivan rosa
1 Solution
You could do of course that in two files and a loop over two indexed arrays, but that's error-prone (and soooooo vbs).
Create a csv file "Namelist.csv" or whatever in the following format (the first line is the header line with the column/property names; don't change that):
OldName, NewName
OldName1, NewName1
OldName2, NewName2

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Then use this:
Import-Csv -Path "C:\Temp\Namelist.csv" | ForEach-Object {
	Rename-Computer -ComputerName $_.OldName -NewName $_.NewName -Restart -DomainCredential "microsoft\admin"

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ivan rosaAuthor Commented:
Simply Genius!
I didn't know PS allows us to import arrays per columns... you just jailbroke my way of thinking...
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