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Hello EE Administrators

I’m thinking of signing up to the Premium account for $199. However, because the majority of my questions are going to related Microsoft Azure can you let me know if there are large base of Microsoft Azure Experts with EE?


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Since Azure is newer technology as compared to onpremise technology, its likely bit lesser technologist available comparatively

However those are all architects and consultants and can guide you with perfect path

Note that you need to contact Azure Support to get instant support for issues like break fixes, bugs etc. EE experts will also help to resolve these issues but they may not help in timely manner as per their availability

For Azure design advice, concepts, technical discussions EE would be the best platform
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Please have a look at the Experts for this topic

You might also like to browse some of their solutions
Member_2_7966113Author Commented:
Hi  Mahesh,

Thanks for the comments. I will think about going Premium.
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Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Hi Carlton,

Welcome back to Experts Exchange.

For more information about Premium go here:

Lets say for example that you have an Azure question.  You will click the big blue ask a question button in the top navigation menu, fill out your title and question body.  Please ensure that you use the 'Azure' topic when you submit a question.  Additionally, depending on the nature of your question, here are some other topics I recommend using if they're related to your Azure question:

Active Directory
Cloud Computing
Remote Access
Microsoft Server OS

Further, if you ask a question as a Premium Member you will have access to certain Q&A features that don't come with a Basic Membership.  For example, Priority Questions, Anonymous Questions and the Help Bell.  For more information on those features and how they help our Premium Members please see:

And here is our support article on how to ask a good question to the experts.  Why is this important?  This will provide details to experts faster and enable them to help you more quickly when trying to resolve the issue you're having.

Last, as was pointed out already, you can go to and just a little ways down that page on the right you can see the top experts in Azure.  What's cool about this page is you can stay up to date with the most recent problems and resolutions that are being discussed by others who are involved with Azure just as much as you are.  To find the Azure topic naturally, you can simply use the top menu navigation go to Browse > Topics and search for Azure or just simply type 'Azure' in the search bar and it will appear in the drop down display or just search for 'Azure' and on the search results page the topic will be located at the top right of the search results page.

I hope this information was helpful.  Please feel free to let me know if you need anything else.
Member_2_7966113Author Commented:
Thanks Kyle

I’m sold 😀 I will sign up over the weekend
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
You're very welcome.  Please let me know if we can assist you with anything else!
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Hi Member_2_7966113,

How did this go for you?  Is there anything I may assist you with?
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