Clean up Oracle instant client- For Crystal Reports

vikram kalyan
vikram kalyan used Ask the Experts™

I have installed oracle instant client in c drive and oracle full client in d drive.I have updated the environmental variables path with d drive oracle client.

Now i dont need instant client in C drive,I need help in cleaning oracle instant client in C drive.Crystal reports should only look for D drive oracle client using OLE DB.

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NerdsOfTechTechnology Scientist

Uninstall both programs; reinstall the full client only, specifying D: as the installation drive; re-link.
Oracle dba
Top Expert 2009
there is no uninstall for the instant client, you can just delete the instant client folder

then remove the env variable LD_LIBARY_PATH
and remove the instant client directory from PATH env variable
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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For Crystal just make sure the OLE connections you have all point to the correct place, in this case the D drive full client.


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