Export list of all external senders (Exch2013/ExchOL)

Is there a way in PowerShell to export a list of all external email addresses that have sent to my company's users, say over the past month, in Exchange 2013 or Exchange Online?
Christian HansAsked:
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Naveen SharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Get-MessageTrace PowerShell command to view and export information on mail sent and received in Exchange Online.
Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
You could do this using the Message Tracking Log  in Exchange management Shell providing your logs go back far enough:

-getmessagetrackinglog -resultsize unlimited -start "12/01/2017 00:00" -End "01/01/2018 23:59" -EventID "Deliver" | select Sender, Recipients

You will want to output it to a text file or csv.
Christian HansAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andy, that will work on my Exchange 2013 servers, any ideas about Exchange Online? I realize that I'm limited to 30 days only.

Get-MessageTrace -Resultsize Unlimited -StartDate 12/5/2017 -EndDate 1/4/2018 | Select Received,SenderAddress,RecipientAddress,Subject | Export-CSV C:\MessageTrace_Results.csv -NoTypeInformation

-Resultsize Unlimited parameter wont work, and without it, it seems like the output is limiting the results to 1000.
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Andy MConnect With a Mentor Internal Systems ManagerCommented:
I think Exchange Online is limited to 5000 results (from what I've read, seems to be a bit vague and haven't done a lot with Exchange Online Powershell as yet).

You could try -Resultsize 5000 to get maximum results available from them.
Christian HansAuthor Commented:
Yep, one would think that I could get more than 1000, but even the 5000 parameter wont work unfortunately.

$dateEnd = Get-Date
$dateStart = $dateEnd.AddDays(-30)
Get-MessageTrace -Resultsize 5000 -StartDate $dateStart -EndDate $dateEnd | Select-Object Received,SenderAddress,RecipientAddress,Subject | Export-CSV C:\MessageTrace_Results.csv -NoTypeInformation

A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'Resultsize'.
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