Need the suggestion to find the career path

Hello Sir,

I have 5 years experience as  an IT Assistant Manager in business level infrastructure management.
Now i want to change the job, For that i need to choose one best path.  

From Current technologies i love VMware and Exchange server domains. In VMware i have 50% knowledge but i don't have the experience in that domain. in Exchange server i have 50% Knowledge with experience.

But this is the time to choose one best path and get trained and do the certification. But i'm fully confused to choose the path. Because both are the best growing technologies and best in the market.

So please suggest me if i go with two . is it worthy or should i chose any one. If i need to choose one. Please suggest your opinion and explain the Pros and Cons.

i am waiting for your valuable suggestions
suman BIT Assistant ManagerAsked:
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Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
Personally, I think ESXi is going to be a valuable route as tons of companies are still investing in and growing their virtual infrastructure and sending more and more business to Office365 for the Exchange services (there are still a lot of use cases for hosting Exchange but if you're in the MSP world you are probably working on customer VM infrastructure and reselling O365 Exchange because it's extremely hard to compete with them).
Michal ZiembaIT AdministratorCommented:
As Dustin mentîoned, Exchange is more and more replaced by an online brother from Office 365. So in your place, I would choose VMWare education path and get some experience in it as it will be developing technology for the next 5 years.

However if the lack of experience is an obstacle and you do not have any possibility to gain it, then you might consider to train yourself in Microsoft Office 365, especially Exchange online. If you have experience in Exchange, it shouldn't be extremely hard to quickly expand your knowledge. And experience in cloud services can be gained very fast as more and more companies consider or are on the way to Exchange Online.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Use T based approach, if you want to be successful in IT world. Be Expert in any technology, expert means, you should know every bits and pieces about that product. Same time, you also learn technology on which, that product is dependent. Example, Exchange, it need windows OS, SAN or local disk, network, firewall, ISP, DNS, SPF, MX, HA, HLB, Virtualization, etc. If you know, some part of each one of these skills, you can survive for long.

I don't see any benefit moving to skill, which you don't know at all. Explore, more on the skill you know. Example, lot of companies doesn't know Office 365 limitations or migration path. They are always looking for experts in this domain. Also, note with AI or Artificial intelligence use, most of the virtual skills will be automated. In current market, IT Architect is the hot skill.

Hope, that helps.

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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Networking is a very important background to have as well.  Even though MS is pushing Office 365 hard you still need to know how to manage Exchange. I think have a MSCA in office 365 would be a great start If you want to get cert if various technologies be prepared to dedicate a lot of time and effort.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
you pretty much have to crystal ball what the job market will be in the future, that and what you learn today may not be applicable 5 years down the road.  I would start off first with the CompTIA certifications, then what you are familiar with then build a lab to work with stuff you are not familiar with.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>> i have 50% knowledge

If you know HALF of EVERYTHING in Exchange or VMWare then you should have no problems with either path you choose.  Exchange and VMWare will both be around for a while.

Stick with what you love.  Why enter into a job path that you don't like?

That said:  EVERYTHING is moving to the cloud.

Something to think about:  As things move to the cloud, they are also moving to "as a service".  Will you really need to know virtualization that much if all you are doing is running an "Exchange Service"?  You need to know Exchange and let the day to day virtualization administration fall onto others.
suman BIT Assistant ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your comments.

Currently which domain has highly demanding. either Exchange or Vmware.

Suman B
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
VMware, what else would I say!
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I advise you, don't stick to technology. Technology changes frequently and you cannot learn everything. You should set target to move to next profile or level. Example, if you are L1 resource in current profile, target for L2 or L3 in next 1-2 years. For successful carrier, you need lot of other things, like communication skill, writing skill, presentation skill etc, apart from your technical skill.
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
All Experts provided reasonable advice.  Suggest even split (best solution chosen from Amit as he contributed twice, everyone's advice was valuable).
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