How can I print a client detail record from my Microsoft Access Report, only if the "Date Removed" field is blank or null?

I have created a client "report" in Access that prints the client information.

The client information records contain:  "Document Name", "Document Date" and "Date Removed".

I want to give my client a detailed report of documents that are located in my office.  Any document that has information in the "Date Removed" field, means the document is no longer in my office, and thus, I do not want it to appear on the report.  

Prior to printing a detail line, I want the report to check the "Date Removed" field.  If the field IS blank or null, then print the "Document Name" field, "Document Date" field on the detail line, otherwise, do not print the line.

Without using a query, I think I can build an expression (inside the reports "detail section") to exclude "Date Removed" records, but unsure how to do it.

I am using Microsoft Access 2002 version.

Thanks for your help.
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Why would you want to avoid using a query as the RecordSource for the report?  That would be the obvious and simple solution.

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eemmpphAuthor Commented:
On my client form, I am able to click "find a client".  It then brings up the client I am looking for.  I click a command button to Print the Client Report.

In the report design:

The record source is "Select DistinctRow [ClientTable].[ClientNumber], [ClientTable].[ClientName], [DocumentTable].[DocumentName], [DocumentTable].[DocumentDate], [DocumentTable].[DateRemoved].

This prints ALL the client records, includijg those where "dates" appear in the DateRemoved field.
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
This prints ALL the client records, includijg those where "dates" appear in the DateRemoved field.
that's for default feature.

so for the "find a client" button, you got to add in the condition to filter out where DateRemoved is not null which means make a condition where DateRemoved is null.
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The report's RecordSource query has no criteria.  You will have to add it in the command to print the report.

DoCmd.OpenReport "myreportname", acViewNormal, , "ClientNumber = " & Me.ClientID & " AND DateRemoved Is Null"

Don't forget to substitute your report name.
eemmpphAuthor Commented:
I tried this:  
DoCmd.OpenReport "myreportname", acViewNormal, , "ClientNumber = " & Me.ClientID & " AND DateRemoved Is Null"
and received an error when this is added to the DoCmd:  & " AND DateRemoved Is Null"

There are 2 tables:
"Clients" Table - containing fields:
          ClientID (indexed, no duplicates) one-to-many relationship
"Documents" Table containing fields:  
          ClientID (indexed, duplicates ok)
It is always best if you post your actual code rather than type a reference to it.  We can't see what you are actually running and so we can't tell if there are any typos. You also didn't way what the error was so we don't have any idea what problem you are experiencing.

Please post the exact code and the error number and message.
eemmpphAuthor Commented:
I have decided to use a query as suggested by Pat and also follow Ryan's suggestion.
eemmpphAuthor Commented:
My query is working perfectly!  Thanks for your help!
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