Solaris - Moving off NIS to something better

Mostly Solaris 11 with some 10 and even fewer 8 and 9.

At the moment, NIS is used.

Looking for a better way and to get rid of NIS.
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It all depends on how your environment looks like.

If you use Active Directory in your company for a Windows environment, you can move the existing NIS domain to AD. The AD then serves as NIS server. This is the least disruptive method.

The obvious advantage is the consolidation of user management: each user only has one account.
paulfoelAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention - current NIS server is solaris 8.

Best to upgrade and then go to LDAP? Lookinf for least disruptive method.
paulfoelAuthor Commented:
Probably want to keep separate to be honest but its worth looking into. How easy is it?
Basically, managing Unix users from AD is as easy as clicking on the "Unix attributes" tab in the AD users & Computers. The unix user is just a number of extra attributes to a Windows user.  

There's also a migration wizzard if you have a large NIS population.

It is very reliable if you have some doubts and it takes away the burden of double user management.
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