how to check if my dns host setup is propogated

In my godaddy user portal  I can create alternative namservers

eg:       134.119.177.XXX       134.119.177.XXX

But how can I be sure that these namerservers are propogated and functioning?

Please note  that I am NOT asking for DNS lookup (like

Thank you
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is there host (A) record and NS records both available in go daddy panel for above DNS servers?, otherwise it will fail.. should have corresponding host(A) record pointing to public IP and same time it should have NS record as well pointing to
so when you query name server by FQDN, it should resolve to and intern will resolve to public IP
propagation and functioning are two different things

for propagation check, you need to use nslookup or mxtoolbox

but as far as functioning, it is depends on ISP, how he had configured DNS server, if this is standard ISP, then they should work as expected as long as one can reach up to them on their IP interface

The basic test you can carry is to telnet those both server hostnames / IP address from internet on TCP 53 (DNS port) , the test should be successful.
myyisAuthor Commented:
Thank you Mahesh,

I have tried the test,  does not function, let's say that's the problem of ISP.

But even it does not function after I follow the steps here  should propogate. Am I write?

If I am wrong  and for propogation  should function, how can it function before the setup and propogation I made in godaddy?
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here there are two problems:

if you cannot telnet, there are two possibilities:
either FQDN is not propagated and not able to resolve to correct IP address
you are able to resolve server FQDN, in that case name resolution is working fine as propagation is done but ISP did not open up TCP 53 from internet on that server

You need to identify exact problem:
try telnet to DNS server IP instead of FQDN, if it works, then try to telnet same server on his FQDN, if it did not work it means propagation is not completed yet
when your telnet is working on both IP and FQDN, it means server is accepting DNS connections and queries
Later on you need to think on if server is able to resolve internet names quickly as expected, it depends upon how ISP configured DNS server
myyisAuthor Commented:
I use this tool to check
When I test the ip address for  53 port it connects, when I test it fails.
So is this a propogation problem? I think it is not because I have added to godaddy portal 1 week ago.
myyisAuthor Commented:
Godaddy has the domain control.
In godaddy is pointed  to NS3517.HOSTGATOR.COM right now.
What I am trying to make is move from hostgator shared to pivps vps. But pivps does not provide nameservers. So first I have to create a nameserver of my own (, register it on pivps vps  service  and then use instead of  NS3517.HOSTGATOR.COM
Right now I  do not have any DNS records on hostgator related with pivps vps
myyisAuthor Commented:
Let's say I have created  A and NS records on hostgator. And mynameserver started working. The next think I will do is I will point to mynameserver and close the account on hostgator. So the records on hostgator will not exist anymore. Then what should I do?
myyisAuthor Commented:
I decided to use the godaddys nameservers, thank you
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