i need help on this ER diagram scenario

hello there
i have this scenario as a semester project and i don't understand how to find the entities please help

The Scenario:

information system of the promotion office in the management of the faculty members of the university

The Office of Promotions for the Administration of Faculty Members is affiliated with the University. Where the staff are concerned with organizing the procedures and keeping the files and the necessary data on the faculty members who are applying for promotions and research for the purpose of promotion and residents of this research, whether they are inside the university or from outside. The applicant for promotion the right to promotion several times during his career before retirement when The number of years spent by the previous scientific degree and the completion of a specified number of published scientific researches and submit an application for promotion to be approved by the competent department to which the applicant applies for promotion. Where the applicant can upgrade to the highest degree whenever it meets the conditions according to the regulations of higher education .. In order to consider the procedures of the applicant to upgrade it first submit a written request indicating his personal data such as the functional number and the name of the tripartite and the faculty and the section to follow them and the specialization and degrees obtained and the date Get all of them and qualifications (BA, MA, ..). The applicant must attach to the application the number of research required for promotion according to the degree to which he wishes to upgrade. Research papers may be published in conferences, scientific journals, books, or any research or technical work. You must record data for each search such as search name, place of publication, date of publication, number of pages, published international code and other important data. The employee in the office will study the application and make sure that the conditions of promotion are met, and the application will be assigned a number indicating the date of maturity for the promotion and the date of submission of the application. The employee assigns a number of evaluators to evaluate each research individually and then write it down in a special form in terms of validity of the research for promotion. This process is strictly confidential so that no one but the staff member knows who they are. Also, the evaluators do not know the subject of the evaluation so that the name of the researcher is removed from the research papers submitted for evaluation. Each application is evaluated by the research conducted by two researchers from within the university and one researcher from outside the university. The scientific degree of the residents must be higher than the degree of the applicant for the promotion. The data of the residents shall be recorded, such as their names, addresses, place of work, grades, qualifications and exact specialization, as well as the bank account number and the name of the bank for the purpose of the financial procedures of the resident. The evaluator may study each research separately and then decide whether the research is suitable for promotion or not in accordance with the conditions of research and academic publication. After receiving all the responses from the three evaluators on the applicant's application for promotion, the staff member collects all these responses to be submitted to the committee of faculty members for decision. The Faculty Affairs Committee is composed of a representative from each faculty headed by the Vice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs and whose decisions are taken unanimously. This committee shall approve the promotion of the applicant for promotion or rejection on the basis of the reports received from the residents.
abdullah alferganiAsked:
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
First, start breaking everything down by writing out general bullet points for yourself so it is easier to read.

Then find "things" like Faculty Members / staff,  research papers etc. Those will be your entities. Then on scratch paper sketch out your relationships. Try and look at a little bit at a time rather than everything at once. Taking it in small chunks will make it easier for you to plow through.
abdullah alferganiAuthor Commented:
i have tried but i failed to find my entities i don't know if what i'm doing is right or wrong
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Post what you have. Explain what you think you have right and what you are not sure of.  This sounds like a big project to tackle. If it is overwhelming, break it down to smaller parts and go after it that way. Until you have posted what you are working with, it is hard to help you.

What I don't think you will find happen here is for any of the Experts to just do this for you.  Show some effort and I think you will find more help here.
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abdullah alferganiAuthor Commented:
i think
the staff, faculty members, research, evaluator, application,  
i'm not sure if there are more entities ?
and i don't under stand how to make two evaluators from the university and one from outside of it evaluate the research ?

PS: i'm not looking for someone to do it for me because my project doesn't end here i'm looking for help so i can understand it better.
thank you for your feedback.
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
It can be a difficult concept to understand. So dont be overly concerned with needing to resolve before you understand.

Take a step back and a bit of reading for you : Concepts : http://www.inf.unibz.it/~franconi/teaching/2000/ct481/er-modelling/

And again : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity%E2%80%93relationship_model

Let me know how you go with the readings....

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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Oh, and make a start....

The staff, faculty members, research, evaluator, application is a good start. Keep going.

Does the Office Of Promotion have a part to play ?

Things like Names, Degrees, Qualifications will becomes attributes of the Resident.

Thats what ER is all about, trying to piece together what is an entity and what is an attribute and where are the dependencies.

As you go through your semester project, you will change, add, move as you discover more about relationships / dependencies.

And it doesnt have to be a top down approach. Sometimes it helps if you can personalise it a bit. What would Professor WannaRaise have to go through to get the new research approved ? What steps ? Then work it back again...
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Given abdullah alfergani's comment above :

PS: i'm not looking for someone to do it for me because my project doesn't end here i'm looking for help so i can understand it better.
With the affirmation of "thank you for your feedback."

I do believe Scott and I have given enough insights, and readings for abdullah alfergani to make a start on his project as is evidenced by his comment "i think the staff, faculty members, research, evaluator, application,..."  

It is the 1st Question, and does provide some guidance and advice for others entering into the world of ER diagrams....
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