Reconcile DHCP Scope Impact

Does reconciling a DHCP Server has any impact on existing users and their leases?
AnagkazoSystems EngineerAsked:
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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
It would only have an impact on devices not reporting back to DHCP regularily (required at least after half of the lease time). If you had such a device, the DHCP server would free the IP, and try to provide it for a request for a different device. Before doing that, DHCP Server should send out a ping to test if the IP is in use despite the local database says different. So even then the worst happening is that you get an "unknown device" entry in DHCP lease overview for that IP.
AnagkazoSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Just did a quick test on my VMs for a test and I experienced no impact.  Thanks
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