Automatically event trigger on some specific time, even though i am not on that page / whil surfing other page.

Dear Experts,
Good day,

I am working on Reservation system, where i wrote a code if that record date gets equal to current date ... then
Just insert the same record one more time in DB, code is written below but i have a general question ....

It works fine if i stay on that page, but what if the page is not open and i would like to generate that event behind the scene.
I hope you got my idea ....
I do not want to be on the page to let that event trigger, i just want when some particular time which i will mention if arrives record inserted int DB.

I am using VB and MS ACCESS as DB. PLS HELP

      If Convert.ToDateTime(mytxtboxdepart.Text) > Convert.ToDateTime(mytxtarrivon.Text) And mynightrun = Now.ToLocalTime.ToLongTimeString Then
                    'MsgBox(txtBoxTimer.Text & " = " & Now.ToLocalTime.ToLongTimeString)

                    Me.myAccessConnection.ConnectionString = Me.connStr
                    command.CommandText = "insert into ReservationTb([confirmid],[Gname],[ArrivalOn],[Departure],[Nights])values (confirmid,Gname,ArrivalOn,Departure,Nights)"
 end if
Kamran MahmoodAsked:
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
i would like to generate that event behind the scene.
Where would you be getting the Values you're inserting if you're not on a Page/Form? Are you storing those somewhere? If so, why not just store them directly in the database instead?

Most applications are event-driven, meaning a user causes an "event", and that event performs some sort of action. If your page is not loaded, there is no way for any events on that page to take place. You can create automated processes by creating a Service application, or using a Scheduled Task, but otherwise some event must occur (user clicks a button, or a Timer reaches an interval, etc) in order for your application to take action.
Technically you are not using Access at all.  Jet and ACE are the database engines that are commonly confused with Access but when you are using Jet or ACE on a server as the BE for a web application, Access doesn't even  have to be installed.

If you are using ACE (.accdb) a data macro might solve your problem if you want something to happen when a record is inserted.  However, these are quite limited and have no where near the capability of a trigger.  Jet/ACE are really a poor choice as the BE for a web app.  You are far better off using MySQL or SQL Server where you will have a fully capable database engine at your disposal.

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Kamran MahmoodAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the brief ..
I will close the question.
You're welcome.
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