Dell Poweredge 510 replace failed RAID drive with larger drive of the same speed


Hoping someone can help in a hurry. Just taken on a server consolidation and found a failed disk this weekend.

I really need this to run production for a few more weeks while we are migrating to new kit. It is out of warranty and I can't quickly find an exact 1TB Enterprise SATA 7.2k drive to replace it with.

I have a 2TB Enterprise SATA 7.2k from a different manufacturer. Can I swap this with the failed disk and have it rebuild onto the new 2TB disk (I realize I lose space but that is not a concern)

Any issues or gotchas I should know about? normally I would prefer to mirror two two of the same (I would gone with a higher raid in the first place...) but if this get me out of trouble it will all go on a new storage array in a while.
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:

If you need it faster/cheaper: 

You are gambling when using non-certified drives on an OEM controller ... even if it is enterprise-class, it is not programmed to specifications required by the PERC. It might work ... or  it might not. That's the gamble.

You should never power down to introduce a hot-swappable drive ... swap it "hot".
No problem replacing with larger as long as it is the same interface type, you may have to set it as a global spare in OMSA before it starts to rebuild. Hopefully it is a Dell branded drive, there is a 5 character Dell part number (or 6 characters with 0 as the first) on genuine Dell ones.
DurgesAuthor Commented:
They are both 7.2K SATA drives so same interface. It is not a Dell it is a Western digital from a Netgear SAN, it is an enterprise class disk so should get me out of trouble for a week when this is all moving to SAS.

Sorry to ask a stupid question and I know I could probably try and track this down myself but this is one of those legendary all IT planets aligning against me days....

Can I use insert the disk and use OMSA to do this while the server is running? I am loath to reboot at this point, also I am guessing although the current disk is good there is a high chance of failure during the rebuild?
It'll probably work, there was one version of controller firmware that rejected unbranded disks but later firmware accepted them again but gave a warning in OMSA. You should always replace hot with the server running, shutting down causes big problems.
DurgesAuthor Commented:
Thanks I am going to risk running on 1 drive till I can get the dell part.
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