What is wrong with this php?

<option value="<? print $vd[$i]; ?>"><? print $vd[$i]; . " - $" . number_format($vp[$i],0) ?></option>

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This gives a syntax error. Also syntax error if I use print number_format.

Earlier definition of $vd & $vp:
$qry = "SELECT * from products where Model = '" . $_SESSION['model'] . "' and App = '" . $clname . "'";
	//echo "qry for purge prices = " . $qry . "<br>";
	$res = mysqli_query($link, $qry);
	$p = mysqli_fetch_array($res,MYSQLI_ASSOC);
	$vd = array();
	$vd [0] = '208V 60 Hz';
	$vd [1] = '230V 60 Hz';
	$vd [2] = '460V 60 Hz';
	$vd [3] = '575V 60 Hz';
	$vd [4] = '380V 50 Hz';
	$vd [5] = '415V 50 Hz';
	$vp = array();
	$vp[0] = $p['208V_60Hz'];
	$vp[1] = $p['230V_60Hz'];
	$vp[2] = $p['460V_60Hz'];
	$vp[3] = $p['575V_60Hz'];
	$vp[4] = $p['380V_50Hz'];
	$vp[5] = $p['415V_50Hz'];

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Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief DeveloperAsked:
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
$p is an array.  Is $p['208V_60Hz'] a column in the table you fetched?  For number_format, does it contain Only float numbers?

On your second print statement
>> print $vd[$i]; . “ - $”

you have a semicolon to the left of the first dot (concatenation operator). Get rid of the semicolon.

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Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Dave, yes to all those.

I will try hielo's suggestion
NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
What is the value of $vp[$i]? Maybe use sprintf() instead?:

<option value="<?php echo $vd[$i]; ?>"><?php echo $vd[$i] . " - $" . sprintf("%01.2f", $vp[$i]); ?></option>

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Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Fixed it right away.

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