How to Connect to Infuse outside my local network

I've been using Plex Media Server to watch my movies stored on a Synology DS1513+ for sometime now. With the technology moving from h.2264 to h.265 (HEVC), I decided to convert all movies to that protocol. Plex supports HEVC but doesn't do much of a job with metadata and posters. The new Apple TV 4 running the Infuse 5 Pro app, however, does an excellent job of both. The problem is how other family members can connect using Apple TV 4/Infuse from their own house like they do with Plex.

Infuse documentation is a little light on connecting outside the local network and I'm wondering if others have found a way to do this? Google tells me to port-forward 445, which I did and connecting using a URL from MY house works perfectly but not when I'm outside the home. Google also tells me most ISPs block port 445 (including Spectrum) which makes me wonder if that's why others can't connect. But then, why can I?  Confusing.

Ideas anyone??
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Which isp are you using?

Does your isp provide you a real static ip address for hosting of a server?
SpaceCoastLifeAuthor Commented:
Spectrum. Not a static Ip but I know I'm using the correct one
Google tells me to port-forward 445, which I did and connecting using a URL from MY house works perfectly but not when I'm outside the home.
Because your traffic isn't actually going anywhere. Bear in mind, the moment it's realized that your destination is the same as the source, then it won't actually getting sent out over the internet. The key is the fact that you specified you're connecting to something in your house from your house, and I am assuming that everything is being the same router.

Think of it like making a u-turn just before an exit. Since you never exited, you don't have to deal with the controls of reentry.
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SpaceCoastLifeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for confirming what I've suspected for some time now.

Do you have any advise for me on how to get Infuse connected from outside my local network?
One option would be to set up a VPN server at home that you could connect to. Once you're connected to that VPN, then you would be able to operate normally.

My second suggestion was going to be seeing whether Infuse can let you specifying port numbers to connect to, but the answer seems to be no. Had the answer been yes, then you could've opened a differ port on the outside, and then forwarded that to 445 of your Synology.

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SpaceCoastLifeAuthor Commented:
So far, Infuse has been unresponsive about it (I sent them a email last week) so no definitive answer about ports.

For the VPN, where does that go? Synology, Tablet, Windows, etc.
SpaceCoastLifeAuthor Commented:
I did find this on the internet. Don't really understand step 5. Steps 1-4 I have. Please share your thoughts?

1.      WebDAV server is installed via Package Center.
2.      At least one option (http or https) enabled in WebDAV app.
3.      Once setup, you can manage your external access through Connectivity > External Access. This would entail creating a DDNS connection, which will serve as your external access address.
4.      Once these are set up, you should be able to connect remotely via WebDAV.
5.      Ensure the user you are hoping to connect with has a WebDAV access enabled. This is done through the Users > Edit > Applications menu.
SpaceCoastLifeAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I don't know what I'm looking for other than a way to connect Infuse outside my local network. This link appears to target computers. That is to say how to connect to the Synology from a remote computer. Infuse sits on my Apple TV and my movies are stored on the Synology. I assume whoever connects to my movies would be doing so from an Apple TV running Infuse.
SpaceCoastLifeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the education
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